Justin De Fratus Back in Action Just in Time for Next Thing to Happen


Phillies “closer of the future” Justin De Fratus is off the disabled list, and his timing couldn’t be later!

Justin served a 60-day sentence amongst the wounded, and will be up to his old tricks in Lehigh Valley.  Or probably Philadelphia, if he’s technically alive in a few weeks, or at least still warm enough to be out on the mound without raising any eyebrows.

The crapshoot of bullpen fuck-ups is seemingly beyond repair, if even the $50 million man is costing us sweeps, but there does not seem to be a shortage of warm bodies to drag out to the mound, leave there, and watch the other team burn through.

De Fratus, however, is young, and verile, and not destroyed psychologically by innings of seemingly endless failure.  He’s talented–the number seven prospect in our system–and he’s in that fun gray area where the Phillies have to decide if he’s good enough in Triple-A to develop into a Major Leaguer or good enough in Triple-A to play in Triple-A.

It is exciting to see some organically grown talent back in action, especially at a time when, oh man; there has just been a wealth of shut down pitchers coming out of the bullpen.  I just wish some of them were wearing Phillies uniforms.

Anyways, Justin’s so excited, he’s turned Italian.