Cole Hamels to Maybe Receive New Potential Offer from Phillies, Per Poorly Written Report


Hey, who doesn’t want to think about Matt Cain some more?

In Philadelphia, especially, Matt Cain has become the model of how we do things.  “Big Sugar” has become the pet name of choice.  There is a special affection heaped upon steakhouse waitresses.  When we’re giving an example of a perfect game, we use Matt Cain’s, because there really aren’t any comparable performances in recent Phillies history.

So, when the Phillies were developing their long term offer to Cole Hamels, it’s no shock that they based the deal around–you guessed it–the darling of Philadelphia, Matt Cain, reports a man in a suit jacket with no idea how a baseball bat is held.

The once-reported $120 million/6 year offer has now jumped to $130 million, making it closer to the deal received by Johan Santana.  Should this be the money Cole is looking for, he would have to be notified that this is “no-hitter” money and that he should really start concentrating on that.  Whatever happened to the Cole Hamels who was focused on his own personal performance; on putting so much pressure on himself to be an elite starter that he could very well and definitely did crumble?

I don’t know what kind of joke I’m trying to make, so let’s move on.

As The Good Phight pointed out, Jon Heyman’s ‘report’ is lacking in pretty much every facet that could have been helpful, so outside of the numbers involved, nothing much has changed.

I’m not sure if there is an amount of dollars that would prevent Cole from testing free agency.  He expressed the desire to do so pretty passionately, without giving us equal (if not more) assurances that the Phillies were certainly contenders for himself.

But even if a guy wanted to test free agency just to test it, once he saw the obscene numbers teams were willing to throw out, his priorities would most likely shift to accommodate his life for the next 20 years.  I hope the Phillies are aware that whatever they offer, they’re probably under the highest number Cole will see.

I wonder what the odds are of the Phillies not knowing something that I do.  Probably in the negatives.

I don’t really know how “odds” work.

$130 million is more than $120 million, so the Phillies are at least moving in the right direction.  Let’s give him something to think about while he’s scooting from port to port later this year.