Roy Halladay to Begin Rehab so we can get this Season-Saving Underway


During his last bullpen session, Doc reportedly threw 56 pitches and stopped to rest periodically in order to maintain the facade of an actual game (assuming he wouldn’t throw 56 in a single inning).

This was merely part of the exercise he organized with Rich Dubee, which may have included drills to prepare for such baseball variables like inclement weather (had rest of starting pitchers chuck water balloons at him while he threw), crowd noise (played classical music at a deafening volume), and general frustration with his body not healing as fast as he was demanding it to (kicked Kyle Kendrick in crotch).

And with that, the ace was deemed ready to jet off for Clearwater while most of the league was distracted by the All-Star Game, unaware of his proximity to resurfacing, like a crocodile disguised as a log.

Dubee was a bit all over the place in his description of Doc’s progress.

"“I don’t know where he’ll be when he gets back.  I hope he’s close to what he used to be. But the signs are leading that he’s doing very well.”—Rich Dubee"

You heard the man, everything is totally fine.

And while this season has truly been a series of warnings that one key player is not going to make all the difference, I think we can safely say that when Doc comes back, the Phillies will finally be good again and we can look forward to this team playing .800 baseball until the post season.

Thursday will most likely be the day Doc gets to actually rehab start with the Threshers, so then we’ll have a better idea of what we’re working with.  But the general consensus seems to be, at least from where I’m sitting, which is nowhere of real consequence or introspection, that we are so close to everything being great again that we might as well assume that it already is.

**Ignorant whistling**