Cole Hamels and Ruben Amaro Refuse to Discuss Totally Unsuspicious Top Secret Meeting


Well we’re making it our business.

Yes, you’re probably saying, “Wait, don’t people normally say ‘That’s none of your business’ before you can say that?”

This is true.  But there are a couple of things to consider.  First of all, here at TBOH, we don’t shackle ourselves to the norms of conversational tact.  We shout whatever we want, at whoever we want, in whatever order we choose to come up it.

Secondly, with Cole Hamels’ contract quickly becoming the 2012 priority, I don’t think we have a second to waste.  All Ruben is going to tell us, repeatedly, is nothing; basically, that it’s none of our business.

Well we’re making it our business.

See?  See how much of your time I just wasted?  Okay.  So I know at this point it might be a tall order, but you should probably keep reading.

From the casual hubbub of what will happen to Cole Hamels, to the actual news erupting over the past few days, our knowledge of Cole’s every activity has been more limited than normal.  But apparently Cole and Ruben celebrated Cliff’s first win of the season today by locking themselves in a private meeting and not telling anyone what it was about later.

According to the two of them, it was just a totally normal secret closed door conversation between friends.

"“It was a private discussion.”–Ruben Amaro“It was about something else.”–Cole Hamels"

Sure, we’ll just assume that Cole left his discman on the team bus, or Ruben wanted to explain that if Cole kept spilling precious Gatorade on his teammates, the team would never be able to re-sign him.

According to all public statements, everybody on all sides of this negotiation understands everything and respects everyone and is just happy and peachy and great.