Roy Halladay Plans on Coming Back to Baseball Eventually Which is Nice


It seems like forever ago that Roy Halladay exited our lives.

There he’d be, surgically removing the faces of opposing hitters with ease.  We’d be like, “Yeah.”  And then we’d set impossible standards for the other starters, and become inconsolable with them when they couldn’t meet them.

What a time to be alive.

Then Doc got stricken with the shoulder soreness that turned out to be a strained dorsal fin.  And we were like, “Nooo.”

And we’ve been making that sound ever since.  Fortunately, Doc’s rehab is ahead of schedule and he is already menacing the National League with threats of a return.  Unfortunately, with no real knowledge of what his rehab schedule is like, we have no idea when his return date could be.  And neither does he.

So we just sit here and take solace in the fact that at the moment, Roy Halladay plans to come back to the pitchers’ mound, at some point, in some future.  Will that future be one in which massive insect overlords have arrived on earth and enslaved humanity?  Possibly.  But we have to assume that Roy is planning around that scenario.

With Rich Dubee in his corner, Doc will face any challenge with a gruff outlook on life and the brim of his hat pulled down over his face.  Now “symptom-free,” Dubee can lower the shotgun and let Doc hurl some pitches in an extended bullpen session during the upcoming Mets series, with an ambiguous return scheduled for after the All-Star Game.

And we can all be like “Hooray” and stuff.