Domonic Brown Ends Promotion Debate by Injuring Self


We have all watched with increased anticipation as a bolder, angrier Dom Brown began heating up in Triple-A.  Sadly, the story seems to have come to a middle as Dom was forced to leave a game after “tweaking” his “knee.”

Yes, it seems that key players are now being struck down before they are even on the Phillies roster.  Which kind of backfires on the Injury Demon, because we didn’t even really have a chance to be excited about a legitimate Dom Brown return before he got hurt.  Seems some Injury Demons don’t know how to pace themselves.  I think we can all feel a great swell of pity for Mrs. Injury Demon, amirite?

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Yeah, that’s it.  Taunt him with sex jokes. Great thinking.]

There is no timetable for his rehab or return, just yet, but at this point, we should be used to that.  In fact, if someone were able to give us a straight forward answer regarding anyone’s status at any time, it might be viewed as Phillies Treason and they’d be executed by Ruben Amaro during the 7th inning stretch.

"“ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!” –Ruben Amaro, after hurling a baseball bat caked in former employee-brains into the stands of a shocked, silent stadium."

So we can cross this particular outlet of hope off of reasons to not give up list, but there was no guarantee Dom would really be an effective member of the team regardless.  So let’s just hope his health isn’t a long term factor as he gets back on track to getting back on track.