Domonic Brown Obviously Still Not Good Enough to Join Elite Big League Phillies Squad


There are very few of us who haven’t gathered outside of Ruben Amaro’s estate to rattle the gates and make demands about things.  Usually we forget to consolidate our demands into concise, singular directives so it turns into a mess of shouting, and… and rattling.  Also we’re drunk.

But by 3-4 in the afternoon, we’ve usually rounded our arguments down to one thing, just because we’re in a hurry to be taken seriously.  And lately that thing has been promoting Dom Brown to the Major Leagues.

Dom is hitting a ton, sitting on a .316 average and a .986 OPS in June; he’s starting fights, yelling at people, and the Phillies could use a fresh face to liven things up, especially if that face is attached to a furious, jilted youngster with something to prove.   But however Ruben makes these decisions, he has yet to land on the side of “promotion.”

Scott Proefrock has more.

"“He still needs to work on his defense. He went two months without hitting a home run. Now he’s hit four. His whole game just needs a chance. He needs to play and continue to progress. Just because he’s had a good two weeks … we want him to have some sustained success, and that hasn’t been achieved yet.”—Scott Proefrock"

Are you trying to tell me that the prolonged whining of furious, frustrated people desperate for change to an increasingly awful situation is not all you needed to hear to pull the trigger on this?  Are you saying you need to put thought and analysis and time into this process so as to give it the best possible outcome?

Obviously this team could use some offensive punch in the middle of the lineup, or the beginning or end, or off the bench, or in the face as punishment for another humiliating error at third base Ty Wigginton.  But Scott has a point, and when Ruben sends him out to the gates, with his bloodshot eyes and messed up hair, to plead with us to leave the property before the vicious, feral attack Phanatics are released to make examples of us, we should listen to him.

There is no guarantee that Dom Brown would be able to get past whatever has limited him on the Major League level.  And, with the Phillies being a terrible team, there’s no assurance they wouldn’t just drag him down with them to the filthy bowels of the division and let him rot there next to the Fontenorr.  Our enthusiasm is based on a small sample size, but Dom’s success has been so fleeting lately we can only hope to strike while the IronPig is hot.

And Scott’s right, the plan was for Dom to spend an entire season at Triple-A to get his head on straight.  Of course, if he’d been used correctly in the first place instead of kept around to wait or jostled from place to place, you might say none of this was necessary.

But ha ha, what do we know?  We’re just a daily gathering of passionate fan trying to make a difference in this crazy world, then getting overwhelmed by how bad the Phillies are and going to sleep.