Freddy Galvis Injury News Not Even Worth Reading, Just Assume it is Awful


It turns out there is no amount of MRIs that would have unfractured Freddy Galvis’ back.  He is now just further proof that you don’t have to be a declining, over-30 liability on this roster to break everyone’s hearts.

No, you can be 22 years old and the sole form of excitement and still be victimized by whichever insatiable injury demon is inhabiting the Phillies clubhouse.  In fact, Freddy’s back fracture may serve as proof that it is not merely the old bodies in the Phillies lineup that are contributing to the frequent DL trips.

So, per Ryan Lawrence, the next step is the hilarious world of rehabilitation.

"“He has this orthosis that we’ve made for him, it’s kind of like a brace you put on, an extension on the right side, the side that the fracture is on, it creates stability. He wears it all the time – the only time he doesn’t wear it is when he showers. He will be in that for 3 weeks to start with. And then we’ll re-examine him to see where we’re at.”—Scott Sheridan via Ryan Lawrence"

Nothing says ‘hope’ like a back brace.

So you can add Freddy to the list of Phillies you feel bad for.  Just let him take Jim Thome’s spot, since he seems to have caught up with the Major League fastball over the last few days and will continue to exist until we stop needing a DH in AL parks.