Game Day Six Pack: “I would’ve held out on the Britton shirsey purchase.”


Well, that Dodgers series was absolutely breathtaking, in that the Phillies were so awful I could barely breathe.  Oh, I should mention that every inning the Phillies leave runners in scoring position, I hold my breath until they score again, so that if they fail, my death is on their hands.

So, let’s dip on down to Baltimore, where those bottom-dwelling Orioles are… running the show?!

Yes, the Orioles are still contenders, and it’s June, so naturally, our rebound after getting swept at home in four games will be to play a hot young talented team that seems to be coming into their own, in their stadium.  Matt from Orioles site Roar from 34 lets us know just how bad things are going to get after the jump.

I have a theory about Jamie Moyer; that he is a mystical sorceror of the game, in the room when the game was originally created. As the last of his kind, he knows if he removes himself from the sport, it will collapse and fracture the universe in such a way that recovery is impossible.  Why do you think the Orioles signed Jamie Moyer?

Perhaps they needed someone to make Miguel Tejada feel young down at Triple-A Norfolk. I don’t mind the team taking a flier to see if Moyer has anything left in the tank. Dan Duquette seems to believe that you can never have enough pitching depth. I’m inclined to agree.

Also, you’ve gotta think the guy’s developed some good habits to stay in the majors so long. Maybe some of that professionalism will translate to the younger pitchers who are trying to learn what it means to be a pro.

Dan Duquette said the drafting of Cal Ripken’s son was “the right thing to do.”  Would a Ripken ever see another uniform?  Or does the kid actually fit into the O’s needs?  Is he even a baseball player?  Or did Cal just ask them to?

Duquette was simply trying to keep his future boss happy. (Dare to dream.) I doubt Cal asked them to draft his son. Word is he wants Ryan to follow through on his commitment to South Carolina.  However, I do think the Orioles decision to draft Ryan Ripken was a nod to one of the organization’s legends.

The real father-son story to watch in the O’s organization is Steve Johnson, son of “The Pride of Middle River,” Dave Johnson. He’s at Triple-A now. It was pretty touching to see his dad, who does broadcast work for the O’s regional network, break down in tears on the air when the team acquired his son via trade a couple of years ago.

How exciting is it to see Zach Britton back in action?  Does he have the ace-potential I think he does?  How wise was my $20 investment in a Britton shirsey?

I probably would’ve held out on the shirsey purchase and tried to get one as a free giveaway at the ballpark, but I admire your dedication nonetheless.

Britton’s got great stuff. I remember Buster Olney Tweeting early last season that Britton’s starts could become must-see events along the line of Strasburg starts. Then Britton fell off a cliff (figuratively speaking). That’s pretty much the story of the O’s young pitchers. Lots of them have tremendous potential, but they’ve all pretty much failed to put it together in a consistent, meaningful way. I hope Britton becomes an exception.

For a while I thought Mark Reynolds was a far better first baseman than third baseman.  Now there are times I’m not sure he belongs in an infield.  Where is the correct place for Reynolds?  Is it on this team?  This planet?

I haven’t given up on Reynolds’ bat, and I don’t think the Orioles have either. That’s why he’s had such a long leash. The only time he should be anywhere near third base is when he’s rounding the diamond on a home run trot.

I recently told a friend and Orioles fan that the Phillies are 0-21 (22 now) when losing after seven innings.  “That sounds like an Orioles stat,” he quipped, and we both had a good laugh.  Well, he laughed; I tossed my phone into the back of a passing garbage truck, or at least tried to and missed, causing a 12-car pile up.  What would you say are the driving forces behind the O’s rise and the Phillies decline?  Are either of their movements permanent?

Anyone who says they saw this coming with the O’s is lying to you.  They’ve gotten some surprisingly good starting pitching, led by Wei-Yin Chen, and the bullpen has been lights out for much of the season. I love that bullpen. It’s such a different feeling to have a lead after six innings and feel like the team will hold on rather than find a way to lose.

As for the Phillies, I blame Jonathan Papelbon.

Back in 2011, the Phillies hired Joe Jordan as Director of Player Development, after he had served the same role in the Orioles organization.  Which team benefited most from this hiring; the Phils for gaining him or the O’s for losing him?  And I’m beginning to think that hiring Jordan doesn’t mean we automatically get all the players he drafted for the Orioles, like Britton and Matusz and Wieters.

Scratch my previous answer. I blame Joe Jordan.