Ah, the Memories (Because That’s All We Have)


Seeing as how the 2012 Phillies baseball season is becoming the most expensive boondoggle since the movie “John Carter,” I figured it might be a good idea to spend a little less time focusing on the horrors of the present and instead think back to the horrors of the past.

Wait, no, I meant that to be more positive than that.

Oh well, our history is what it is. And with that in mind, it’s my goal to remind all true Phils diehards of their roots by posting items from days of yore, when thousands of empty red, yellow, orange and blue seats could be seen in a 360 loop around Veterans Stadium. Little bits of nostalgia that will take us to a place of innocence and ignorance, back when we didn’t know that there was any such thing as “the good times.”

This week, we step back to 1985 for this jewel from @DelcoNate.

Seriously, look at that group. That’s a 100-win infield right there.

Can you imagine the marketing campaign? SCHMIDT! SAMUEL! (I’m OK with this so far…) AGUAYO! JELTZ! RUSSELL!

Although, the current infield lineup isn’t a whole lot better. In fact…


And people wonder why the Phils are in last place. This year’s infield is a poor man’s 1985. I think we’d all kill for a little Luis Aguayo right now wouldn’t we?

By the way, I’m looking for contributions and submissions for this project. If you have old Phillies yearbooks, pennants, baseball cards, pictures, ANYTHING interesting or humorous that you’d like to have featured on this site, take a picture and email it to me at jstolnis@gmail.com.