Dave Bush Released as Phillies Confidence in Rotation at All-Time High


With aces going down due to injury, failing to get run support, and being openly flirted with by the Dodgers, the pressure is on the rest of the rotation to step up.

How inspiring would it be to see the afterthoughts of the Phillies rotation taking charge!  They didn’t, though.  In fact Joe Blanton actually got worse.

Perhaps there is hope at Triple-A, where fringe players wait to see if some horrible injury will allow them a last chance at glory as a temporary space-filler.  At least, they could offer a different option.

Dave Bush, however, is no longer one of those options.  And whether that’s good or bad, who are we to decide?  The point is, it has happened.  Dave is off to Korea to give it one last shot in what sounds like the pilot of a ’90s sitcom with seven episodes.

Dave may have gone to the Phillies before opting out and asked aloud if they intended on bringing him in to stop the bleeding, or at least, be a human sponge to soak it up.  And if they told him “Meh,” then that may be an indicator of what we’re going to hear from Doc and Scott Sheridan this afternoon; that Doc is fine, that all of our worrying is unwarranted, that we can put our pitchforks and torches back in the shed until the next time we need to react to something.

But what’s probably happening is that Dave Bush never really succeeded the way he or anyone else wanted him to and he feels he may have a chance at extending his career and making it all worth it in Korea.