Now a Safe Distance Away, Brad Lidge Begins Anti-Phillies Hate-Spew


Brad Lidge held a mid-afternoon afternoon lovefest in Center City around Valentine’s Day to celebrate and reflect his time in Philadelphia.  It was one of those abrupt conclusions to a long tenure that probably didn’t receive as much fanfare as events scheduled for the middle of the afternoon on a Monday usually do.

The cameras rolled, pablum was spoken, and a cluster of fans showed up for that last chance to get 2008’s World Series hero signature on a bunch of their stuff.  Who knows how far an autograph’s value drops when it’s written by someone in a Nationals uniform.

But now, with the spotlights off and enough distance between himself and Center City Philadelphia, Brad Lidge has opened fire on his former team, following a standard set by Jayson Werth.

The verbal assault began yesterday, when Brad became so overwhelmed with jealous rage after seeing Phillies Spring Training pictures that he could no longer keep the churning hate-spew brewed by his situation contained within his stomach.

"“I just wish they had been more honest early, so I would have known that I couldn’t count on them later in the process.”–Brad Lidge, fists clenched so tightly his hands bled"

This is a far cry from Brad’s words just days ago:

"“As a baseball player I can just say that this is the greatest city to play for in the world.”–Brad Lidge, smiling and wearing a giant cheesesteak costume"

Why he is bothering to play for another team after experiencing “the greatest city to play for in the world” is yet to be revealed, but whatever the reason, a side effect seems to be turning on that original city, the great one, and calling its front office a bunch of liars.  What could have made Brad fly off the handle so flagrantly and so violently?  Drugs?  Fellow gang members?  Bryce Harper?  Something clearly has a hold of him for him to say such filth.  

Sadly, this appears to be what happens each time a piece of our championship fabric is torn away… there is sadness, there is fondness, and then, right at the end as people are about to stop paying attention, there is unadulterated tears of rage and insults hurled from miles away.  Just like a family.