Phillies Requiring Tickets for Entry to Games in 2012


The Phillies don’t take too kindly to folks scrambling over the fences of Citizens Bank Park, assuming that if they braved the barbed wire, booby traps, and Phanatics in kevlar vests toting automatic shotguns, they were allowed free entry.  Apparently, regardless of what you read on the internet, there is no such thing as free entry to The Bank.

This point will be solidified Thursday at 8:30 am, when all of the single game Phillies tickets will go on sale for 2012.  Then, we can all go to the west side of Citizens Bank Park for our annual pile-up prospective ticket owners, kicking each other and accusing vendors of taking all the tickets for themselves.  Also the Phanatic and some ball girls will be there.

But don’t get too excited!  I know, that’s a lot to ask; I already mentioned the Phanatic.  But put his delightful antics out of your head long enough to understand that Opening Day and two of the mid-May Red Sox games are not going to be available Thursday.  Why?  Because you need to deserve to go to those games.  And like with anything else, you earn the right to attend by winning a lottery.  Except winning the lottery doesn’t get you the tickets.  It gets you the opportunity to buy them.

So, maybe it’s time to dig the knee pads and your kid’s bike helmet for some good old fashioned fence-climbing.

Hey remember when this used to be a Phillies ticket.