Phillies Wall of Fame Votes Led by Fantasy Video Game Enthusiast


The Red Sox like to pretend Curt Schilling is their’s thanks to his bloody sock.  But what they fail to realize is that before there was the bloody sock, there was the 1993 Phillies, who were sort of the bloody sock of baseball that season.

You know the story.  Comprised of finely mustachioed and/or mullet’d gentlemen, the ’93 Phils came out of last place and used a mixture of raw talent and shirtless friendship to steal not only our hearts, but the National Leage pennant.  No one was more vocal about the rotation than Schilling, who considered himself the ace.

Two of the ’93 Phils are already on the Wall, Dutch Daulton and John Kruk.  Their manager, Jim Fregosi, is still on the ballot.  Lenny Dykstra has since been removed, due to the Phillies not wanting to arrive at CBP one morning and discover the Wall of Fame has been sold in exchange for a limo full of escorts and false stock tips.

The Schilling babbling away to the camera in “Whatever It Takes, Dude” is a far more youthful, cartwheeling Schilling than the one who tried to stir up some stoic mysticism in “Four Days in October” by yammering “Why not us?” into a PA system.  He may have his rings from Boston and Arizona, but he’s got his guts from Philly.  This is where the Schill-o-meter was constructed.  And if that’s not enough to concoct some weak argument about the importance of intangibles, I don’t know what is.

Obviously, the people of Philadelphia share this thought process, as they have thus far pegged Schill as the top Wall of Fame candidate for 2012.  He’s beating out other favorites like Rick Wise, who was mostly notably swapped for Steve Carlton, and Mike Lieberthal, who hopefully is healthy by now.  Also, Greg Gross!  Though he should really be concentrating on getting the Phillies to hit once and again.

These days, Schill has indulged his passion for fantasy video games, and recently released Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning from his company, 38 Studios.  The game features work from guys like Todd McFarlane and R.A. Salvatore (who recently made himself available for questions on Reddit), and if the giant-hammer swinging, skull-bashing, monster-tentacle-flailing trailer is any indication, Schill is just the kind of nerd who, like us bloggers, lives in his mom’s basement eating Lunchables, or whatever the cliche is.  Tough market, though, releasing within a year of Skyrim.

You, like everyone else, have until March 14 to vote like crazy for your favorite former Phil.  And remember, the sooner we get all these deserving Phillies out of the way, we can all start voting for Kevin Sefcik like we want to, despite him not having any of the qualifications necessary.