Phillies Prepare for Intense Juan Pierre-Scott Podsednik Outfield Battle


If you didn’t feel like you got your Scott Podsednik’s-worth in 2011, you may see even less of him in 2012.  Which creates some kind of Scott Podsednik-less void that is barely imaginable.

The Phillies recently bargain binned Juan Pierre, a name you might be familiar with if you’re familiar with first names.  Juan has two of them.  But more importantly, he has outfield experience, which these days appears to be all you need to do battle with Scott Podsednik.

Ruben Amaro shook Juan a bit and despite hearing some telltale rattling and a few parts falling off, the 36-year-old spent 2011 playing for the 404 ERROR: NO TEAM FOUND and trying to avoid aggravating a stress fracture in his foot, all the while exhausting most of his energy pushing forty.  But he is one of those guys whose got some decent aspects left, somewhere, and with Juan, those aspects revolve around his speed.

“Speed?!” you scream, spitting cereal all over the breakfast table.  “I know plenty of 36-year-old men.  And they all use their weekly allotments of ‘speed’ on chasing raccoons out of the garbage.”

But, the guy had to know the pickings would be slim, so he’s probably counting himself lucky that a contract was offered at all, albeit for the minor leagues.  Juan was sort of adrift in that silent sea of men who are aware their best days are behind them, and after 2011, which some critics have gently referred to as “…the worst season of his career…” it may be time to sell Juan for parts.

Who knows!  This could be the position battle of the spring.

What?  The one between Pierre and Podsednik.

Scott Podsednik.

Geeze, you… you already forgot about him, didn’t you?