Phillies Prospect Trevor May Answers Fans’ Questions on Reddit


Last night, Phillies fans got an unexpected opportunity to talk to the organization’s top prospect Trevor May (whom I wrote about here a few days ago). Under the alias TJM54 on the IAmA forum on, he entertained fans’ questions for a few hours. Questions ranged from serious to silly to plain weird, and luckily for us, the answers were pretty damn great—he seems to be a well-spoken and funny guy. Examples include:

Q: Who’s your favorite player?
A: Of All time? Nolan Ryan. In the bigs right now? I do enjoy watching Josh Johnson do work.

Q: Were you a two/more sport athlete in high school? If so, why did you pick baseball over football?
A: I played two sports until my senior year, Basketball in addition to Baseball. To be frank, I wasn’t tall, athletic, or skilled enough to continue playing basketball.

Q: If you had to pick a team to be traded to, which one would you choose and why?
A: Although I can’t really imagine playing for anyone else at this point, it is common knowledge that the vast majority of players do not stay with a team for their entire career. With that said, San Diego is in California and its sunny there.

Q: How does it feel to be hyped as a top prospect? Is it ever weird to kind of have that spotlight but still be living the minor league, long-bus-rides-and-cheap-food life?
A: It isn’t as glamourous as you would think actually. I’m just trying to have fun and enjoy it.

Q: I’ve heard that life in the minor leagues isn’t all that great. You guys obviously are traveling all the time, stay in crappy hotels, and get paid worse than people think. What has your experience been like off the field?
A: Yes it is, but you also have to know that were doing what we love everyday. That in itself makes it a great life.

Q: What’s your Plan B if you get injured, or if you never reach the bigs?
A: I would pursue a degree in Business from the University of Washington.

Q: What are your workout routines like?
A: We run every single day. Rotating between long distance, Intervals, and sprints. Tubing every day. We eat as much as possible (or maybe that is just me).

Q: What sorta things have you done recently to work on control/command?
A: Continually working on delivery constancy. The same thing I did all last year.

Q: You guys pull pranks on each other much? What are some of the best pranks that you’ve been in on (or that you’ve been the butt of?)
A: So much its sad. I can’t tell you how mana shirts have been frozen, shoes have been shaving creamed and lockers baby powdered. I’ve had all of my stuff taken out of my locker and hidden. EVERYTHING. I had just joined the team and had probably said 2 words the first 2 days there. This didn’t help.

And lastly, best answer of the night goes to:

Q: Is Domonic Brown the system’s hand soap expert?
A: I think you’re confused. Colored Polo Expert. 

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