Mets Thank MLB, Will Totally Pay Back $40 Million Loan, They Swear


With everybody in the NL East being keen these days, it makes sense to take all of our pnet-up, misguided hostility and point it at the only team who is the exception:  The Mets.

The Mets recently walked away with $40 million in loans as Bud Selig smiled and waved, then went back to mowing his lawn with an old-timey non electric mower while whistling.

This loan is on top of a $25 million loan the Mets took out last year and haven’t paid back.  And in between both loans, the Mets managed to lose $70 million for some mystery reason that Selig swears is not because of Bernie Madoff.  So the Mets found some other way to drop $70 million and have nothing to show for it.  Except a loan.  Again.

I’m just reminded of the Mets fan I saw at CBP years ago, who everyone was antagonizing, but he proudly stood up and waved us on, encouraging the insults, and speaking with a thick cut of Long Island in his throat, shouted “CHECK THE STANDINGS.”  This was a time, mind you, when checking the standings would indicate that the Mets were in first place.

I wanted him to be pelted with beer and nacho cheese and maybe a chair, and very soon, he was escorted out by security.  But now even I wonder if what’s happening to Mets is really necessary.

Meanwhile, the team is on the hunt for multiple minority investors, instead of just one big wunderkind like David Einhorn, who decided to grab whatever fistfuls of his money he could grab and flee the scene.  This is a search that the Mets say is going “very well.”

"“I don’t have any concerns about the Mets, as I’ve told you before.”–Bud Selig, while the New York Mets walk away with a wheelbarrow full of money"