R-Phils Want to Send Costumed Strangers to Your Home for Christmas


Christmas is hard.  Not only do you have to suddenly get to know family members well enough to shop for them, but most times, they don’t even want the “presents” you picked out for them from amongst your stuff.

But every so often, a gift idea that comes along that is so universally acceptable, it goes well with everyone on your list, from your estranged son to your live-in grandmother.  And this year, that gift is a MascotGram from the Reading Phillies.

Wait, don’t start thinking this is ridiculous.  What you should be thinking about is the face of your beloved or barely tolerated relative as they open the door on Christmas morning and find an enormous beaver, it’s eye glazed over in plastic death, waving and handing them a set of tickets before turning around and wordlessly stomping back through the snow toward their rusty pick up truck.

Any one of the friends from the once legendary and now forcibly disbanded Reading Phillies Mascot Band are available to provide holiday cheers.  And because you aren’t, it is totally perfect to allow somebody to do it for you.  And just because that somebody is wearing a bulky animal costume shouldn’t affect your interest.

I don’t know how much you’re willing to pay for a guy in a costume, but these are shockingly affordable.  And hey, its Christmas!  A stranger dressed like a dog is far from the least pleasant person to occupy your doorstep in the coming weeks.