Phillies Just Keep Inviting People to Spring Training Willy-Nilly


I don’t want to just come out and say that if Dave Bush got invited to the Phillies’ Spring Training then I should too, but I’ve already bothered to type it, so what the hell.  Now that’s out there.  We’ll see how the Phillies respond.

In the mean time, whoa!  They just invited three more guys to Clearwater!

Bush started the 2011 season with a resounding 0-1 record.  Obviously, that’s going to intrigue even the most skeptical of front offices.  He went on to not do very well (posting the highest ERA of his career in his smallest number of appearances since being a rookie) or play a whole lot of baseball, really.  But nonetheless, the 32-year-old righty is going to be flying down to Clearwater in March for a shot at the big time.  Another shot, I mean.  A ninth one.

Then there’s David Purcey, whose dominant hand is the left one.  He can’t check his email without getting DFA’d.

And finally, catcher Steven Lerud, whose last name sounds like an ancient kingdom, but a fairly isolationist one with a cowardly king.  No offense, Steven.  I’m probably wrong about this but this guy is the first one I’ve seen who has spoken to the Phillies and is under 30 years old (he’s 27).  That’s kind of fun.  But again, also probably wrong.  With the Orioles’ Double-A team last year, he was a superb catcher and a dead weight hitter.

I know what you’re thinking.  “When will your name be among those listed, Justin?”  And the answer is, when the Phillies get serious about winning.  “But they win so much already,” you’re replying.  Yes, but they’re doing it without me.  “…huh,” you mutter, trying to break my disturbingly long gaze as you realize I’m not wearing any pants.