Brad Lidge Cool with Papelbon Deal, In Case You Were Wondering


When your team signs a player who plays the same position as you, there is a tendency to feel threatened.  Not Brad Lidge, though!  Brad’s just fine.

There’s really no guarantee or reason that Brad will be playing for the Phillies next year, but still, there he is, working out at Citizens Bank Park, despite no matter how few promises have been made to him and how many security guards are slowly advancing upon the leg press.

You’ve really got to admire Brad’s childlike sense of awe for not only the game, but the Phillies.  He just fucking loves it here.  Last offseason, after Cliff Lee was reacquired, he called Charlie Manuel multiple times just to talk about how excited he was for the season to start.  It must be that the lingering tastes of a 2008 season that literally couldn’t have gone any better for him have never truly left him.

Because it’s becoming apparent that even if the Phillies should announce an official release of their former closer, he’ll return to the Phillies clubhouse after every game, just to check in, and you know, see how everybody’s doing.  Which will be weird, because he’ll probably be wearing another team’s uniform and may have to fly in from across the country.

But despite Jonathan Papelbon’s newest $50 million leaving no question who the Phillies’ closer is, Brad’s in good spirits.  In fact, he supports the move.  A few weeks ago, he may have been in the minority.  Now, everyone’s too distracted by massive layoffs and Vince Young’s stupid dumbness to remember that it even happened.

Anyway, this has all gotten Brad’s stamp of approval.  Which I’m sure is a relief for the front offie.  The last thing they need is their new franchise closer to not get along with their maybe one-year late inning reliever or something.  That kind of thing can tear a team apart.