Ruben Amaro Weirdly Open About Disinterest in Jose Reyes


"“I never talk about free agents, but you can quote me on this. If he was in the Continental (restaurant) in Philly, I have no knowledge of it. I don’t even know if he was there. But if he was, I have no knowledge of it.”–Ruben Amaro"

Ruben Amaro using the phrase “…you can quote me on this” is like a sorcerer hurling a smoke bomb to the ground.

Being allowed to record his statement hardly indicates that it’s true.  It just means you’re adding to a notepad of lies.  Multiple Ruben Amar-isms have been taken down in the past, but our past with the GM is full of reversals, conspiracies, and cover-ups.  What are we supposed to do?  Believe him?  Disbelieve him? Disbelieve how little we believe him?

Being toyed with emotionally is just part of a Ruben Amaro press conference.  So you’ll have to excuse me if I happen to question everything or have a nervous breakdown.  Why is he being so… open, and, like… informative.  

Where’s all the usual stuff?  The blindfolds?  The mustache twirling?  The promises to finally answer journalists’ questions upon the completion of cryptic riddles hidden on famous landmarks across the globe?

Instead, we have a version of Ruben in which he goes out of his way to be clear and precise.  Which, as I said, I’m not convinced isn’t just an even more insane puzzle that we just haven’t figured out yet.  But maybe, just maybe, if he is uttering the truth, we’re getting a rare glimpse of a strategically truthful Ruben Amaro; one who knows that Jimmy Rollins was watching and could nod sagely instead of being thrown into a fit of jealousy.

After all, Jose Reyes was seen in Philadelphia.  Being seen in a city is always a clear indication that you will inevitably be playing for that city’s baseball team.  So maybe Ruben’s desire to re-sign Jimmy has leaked into his demeanor, and created an honest version of a man who refers to microphones as “Dishonesty Wands.”