Phillies Continue Winning So Many Awards for 2011 Greatness


Are you easily impressed?  Then be sure to check out the winners of the Awards, which is some gallery of merit handed out by a web site.  Probably worth your attention if you’ve bothered to read this much about it.

Part of the requirements for winning one of these awards is being on the Phillies, with them being”team” awards and all.  So its probably not that impressive that all the winners were Phillies.  In fact if even one of them weren’t, it would have been a pretty strong message to the clubhouse.

Player of the Year went to Ryan Howard, whom you’ll remember from that picture of him motoring around a Whole Foods after suffering a devastating injury.  Ryan led the team in home runs and RBI, which, besides pitcher wins, are the most important statistics in the game.  Breakout Player of the Year was

Dom Brown

Vance Worley, who despite not having any expectations pinned to him, defied all expectations and became a dependable, likable fifth man in the rotation.  He also has glasses and is quirky.  Yaaaay.

Roy Halladay was Pitcher of the Year.  If I have to explain why then maybe you should go spend several days in the mountains, deep in self-reflection.

As long as some of our most important players are okay with being paid in awards, the Phillies’ offseason should be pretty smooth.  But on the off chance they require more than that, let these small honors be brief flashes of happiness in the endless dull season of waiting for baseball.


It used to be about the game.  And the awards.