Scott Proefrock Considering the Allure of Baltimore Orioles Baseball


Remember that feeling you got when Cliff Lee came back?  Remember how many times you’ve retreated back to that moment when a meeting went long or one of your kids asked a hard question?  Remember how no matter how many of your houses exploded or marriages failed, you knew that no matter what happened, you’d always have that day; that moment; that instance of sheer organic elation to conjure up and live in?

Scott Proefrock authored that moment.  He is the painter of your dreams.  He is the creator of your happiness.

And he’s thinking about leaving you.

It may be hard to believe that people have actually been hired by the Phillies this offseason, but Joe Johnson certainly was.  Fresh off the fast paced employment of the Baltimore Orioles, Joe’s looking to make a splash at the head of player development, namely by using that precise, timely judgement that the Orioles are known for.

However, it seems the O’s weren’t without a backup plan should they love Johnson.  With the deal firmly in place, Baltimore’s come head hunting, and the guy they want is Scott Proefrock, a man whose negotiation techniques were utilized during the second round of Cliff Lee talks that, as I’m sure you remember, went pretty well.

The Orioles’ GM position is one that doesn’t seem to want to be filled.  One guy looked close to taking it, but needed only a conversation with owner Peter Angelos to send him sprinting in the other direction.  Since Andy MacPhail took off, Buck Showalter has been theorized as a good fit, but that would still leave the team with a highly visible hole to fill.

Yet, we’ve all seen what happens to members of Ruben Amaro’s staff when they cross him.  Remember when Chuck LaMar disappeared?  Now people only whisper his name in passing as if they’re talking about the ghost of a little girl.  So if Proefrock’s going to go, he should really commit to it.  I can’t imagine having to look Amaro in the eye again after being interviewed for a job somewhere else.  Probably a lot like lying to your father.  But your father has the power to disappear you.  And has already done so to one of your relatives.