Williamsport Crosscutters’ Stadium Getting New Name, Stadium


Williamsport is a city you’ve probably heard of because they permit the frolicking of children on baseball fields so adamantly.  But did you know there is actually a a semi-pro baseball team playing there that is not comprised of Little Leaguers who, when the dust of another LL World Series cleared, couldn’t find a ride out of town?

Yes, you probably do, if you’ve dug deep enough into the Phillies blogosphere to find this place.  You’re probably well aware of the Phillies minor league system, which teams are in it, and which ’93 alumni are the managers (In this case it’s Mickey Morandini!)

But what you didn’t know, jerk, is that the Williamsport Crosscutters–who are again, not made up of orphans–are getting a new stadium.  Or at least a new stadium name.

The city has spent $800,000 on Bowman Field, and if I’m reading this correctly, $750,000 of that was on the scoreboard.  Which… yeah.

Needless to say, they’d probably like to see some money come in, as the place is in need of a few repairs.  Not “Citi Field” in need, but noticeably so.  The city council recently brought in a consultant to determine the best way to do so, and they landed on “renaming the stadium so as to include a corporate puppet master.”

In the future, all those Williamsport Crosscutter games you’ve been meaning to get to will be played at Bowman Field at [blank] Stadium.  Supposedly, doing this will get the team $40,000-$50,000.  So hopefully they don’t need to upgrade that scoreboard anytime soon.

Meanwhile, all lost Little Leaguers are destined to never leave the town and spend their days wordlessly taking infield practice, a glazed, distant look in their eyes.  Even if their parents return to search for them, they now exist on a plane of existence invisible to those unaware of it.

Williamsport is a creepy place.