Phillies Top Prospect Freddy Galvis Had Us All Worried for a Second


It’s been a trying week for Freddy Galvis, who, you’ll remember, is the Phillies top position prospect after all that stuff that happened.

First, all the residual “Jimmy Rollins?!?” headlines have got his name trending like a small purse dog in an expensive clothing store.  Then his wrist got sore and he was pulled out of the lineup in the Venezuela winter league he’s playing.  Then his week seemed to be on the upswing as he went through the just plain fun of having a cyst drained.  And it wasn’t filled with spiders or anything so don’t even ask.

And now, here he is, being inserted back into the lineup at shortstop and getting right back on track to be the Greatest Shortstop in Phillies History, You Hear That Jimmy?  Please Stay Jimmy Please.

The point is, all that reporting everybody did on how hurt Freddy is has now been undone by the fact that he isn’t hurt anymore.  If this year isn’t his year, and there’s a good chance it won’t be, then he can continue solidifying that bat and maintaining that glove without a juice-filled sac pulsating on the side of his hand.  Meanwhile, at the Major League level, Ruben can generate some kind of plan that keeps a fully developed Major League player at short.