Phillies See Roy Oswalt and Brad Lidge Calling, Put Phones on ‘Silent’


This CBS Sports post on the topic seems to disregard Brad Lidge as a person, choosing instead to fill you in on Roy Oswalt, what his problem is, why he’s probably not coming back, where he could wind up, and what Tigers starting pitcher he is most comparable to.

So what does a world without Roy Oswalt and Brad Lidge look like?

I don’t know, kind of  similar?  I guess?  Objective people stopped counting Roy as one of the aces when he threatened retirement, whereas we in Philly were trying to convince those same people we had as many as five (Vance Worley will be returning!!!)  And as far as Lidge goes, his 2011 role as the Seventh Inning “Ah, Fuck” guy can be filled by any number of questionable relievers.  When he showed up after more than half of the season had passed.

No one seems to be startled by this news.  I was a little, but that’s due to a combination fear of change and being startled by most news.

But we can’t act like these two are gone gone just yet; they’re not “Pete Orr” gone at the moment.  They’re just floating in limbo, their shouts barely a whisper to us as we go about our daily lives.

In actuality, Roy’s probably stabbing a wayward wart hog to death and Lidge is yammering away on the phone with Charlie Manuel about how excited he is for the season to start while simultaneously sewing his arm back to his shoulder.