Weight of Phillies Future Middle Infield Crushes Freddy Galvis’ Wrist


There’s been a lot of talk about the future lately.  Mainly by me, on this blog.  In the post I finished a few seconds ago.  I’m sure you’ve read it by now.  Its not my best work.  Probably like a 6/10.

This one should be okay, though.  We’re off to a good start.  What are we talking about?  Freddy Galvis?  He’s hurt pretty bad?  Oh.  Well.

Yeah, that Phillies shortstop role sure is going to be filled next year.  Jimmy Rollins seems pretty anxious to get involved in a bidding war on himself with Ruben Amaro.  And Ruben Amaro seems pretty anxious to keep everyone aware of the people he has no faith in.  So this is all going great.

No wonder the future has come up so often.  At shortstop, we can await the someday arrival of Freddy Galvis, a guy who until this year was known as a fielder who unfortunately has to bat sometimes.

Freddy was shortstopping away in Venezuela during a Fall League when his wrist became somewhat faulty.  According to himself, Freddy will be out three or four days.

They very fact that this has received the more than minimal attention that it has indicates Galvis’ role in the future.  Nothing is certain in Jimmy Rollins’ future just yet, but the Phillies want to be able to claim they have some sort of replacement at the ready without signing some sexy new guy.  I don’t know how nervous Galvis makes Jimmy in regards to getting paid, but it has become very clear that Freddy is here, he is young, and he plays shortstop, and you can just make any assumptions you want.