Pete Orr’s Canadian Heritage Not Enough to Keep him on Phillies


Do you like Pete Orr?  You probably do.  He’s one of the few unhateable people walking the earth.

But this is offseason baseball, when we don’t have a keen slide or a quirky smile to distract us from the numbers.  So at this point, nothing Pete Orr does can change his perceived skill level.  Who cares if he brings an aura of raw Canadian wilderness to the clubhouse?

Ruben has decided to outright Pete to Triple-A, where he will earn the respect of his peers by being weirdly fast and sort of sometimes competent at the plate.  We shall look forward to seeing him again the next time something awful happens to a middle infielder.

Also, you may remember International League playoffs game one hero Brandon Moss.  He’s gone too.  Everybody is!  Actually just those two guys.  In the last bit of news we can squelch out of Ruben, Jose Contreras finally came off the 60-day disabled list just in time to take on any Phillies’ closing needs after they were eliminated from the playoffs.

See?  And you thought the Phillies would stand pat all winter long.  Boy were you wrong.  Ruben’s got moves he ain’t even made yet, ones that do more than send bench players to the minor leagues or add to our soon to be emptier bullpen.

But I know what you’re thinking.  Is Pete Orr mad at us?  And the answer is yes, he is.

That’s why he chose free agency over another year or whatever in Lehigh Valley.  Brandon Moss, too.  Moss chose free agency too, I mean; not that Brandon Moss may be something else Pete Orr hates about Lehigh Valley.

Its the offseason folks.  This is the part of baseball I don’t quite understand, so you can expect some truly half-ass reporting in the coming weeks.