Jimmy Rollins Correctly Assumes Jose Reyes is Coward


"“[Reyes] had a great year.  But as for free agency, you take the year and the career all into consideration. Then on top of that, you take the things that you don’t see on the field, the intangibles, in the clubhouse, leading the team. Is this guy a winning player? What type of team player is he?”—Jimmy Rollins"

Jimmy Rollins, charming rogue about town, has taken to the media to express his wanton disgust in fellow shortstop Jose Reyes of the Mets, who recently used his last at-bat of the season, and possibly as a Met, to bunt for a base hit and then leave immediately.

Yes, Jose got his winter vacation started a little early, knowing full well his impending free agency was an opportunity to preen and peacock and primp himself like a squid-headed princess.  Dancing in front of his mirror, singing into his hair brush the latest autotuned mess belched out by the apocalyptic pop music machinery, he will surely be a treasured prize on the shortstop market.

Of course, these are exaggerations.  Slightly.  Then again, I don’t know what goes on inside Jose Reyes’ house.  So for all I know, I’m 100% accurate.  Ignorance is bliss!  It is also ignorant.

Point is, Jimmy saw what Jose did and didn’t like it.  The link above hints that Jimmy’s words may have been competitive, since he and Jose are both talented shortstops whose names start with “J” and they could both be on the free agent market come winter.  But that’s ridiculous because Jimmy would never leave us, even if he’s hinted quite openly and clearly that he would do so in a heartbeat if the right offer came along.

Look, I think we all know that just putting on the Mets uniform turns anyone into a human monster, so let’s face it:  Jimmy’s totally right.  And I don’t just mean on this issue.  He’s right about pretty much everything.  You try finding something disagreeable in that smile.

Jimmy should also get credit for not authoring a music video about a man who likes to do that “money” gesture with his fingers and is a horrible singer.