Phillies Overcome Horribleness to Win 100 Games Somehow


"“Phillies paused to let others catch up a bit, lost eight in a row for 1st time in 11 years, and still are first team to 100 wins.”–David O’Brien, Atlanta Journal-Constitution"

Always refreshing to receive alarmed recognition of glory in an enemy’s chief publication.  So go ahead, Atlanta, and be in awe of the Phillies.  I kind of have been too.  Mainly because of how awful they’ve looked.

Last week, this wasn’t a team that could get to 100 wins, even with a 98-game head start.  They were a crew of vacationing WTFs, content to let us keep rolling our eyes and stifling screams.  And then not stifling them.  And hating the baseball we were seeing.  And realizing that no; there can never be an entire baseball season without a small portion of shitkickery, even in the most dominant clubhouses.

It was nice of them to prove that a recent “win” was not just a “loss” hiding behind nine runs; especially in a situation that could very well be a billion times more serious the next time it happens.

The Phillies have done this plenty of times in their history, though, so its no big deal.  Twice.  They’ve done it twice before.  But in the grand scheme of things, that’s a lot.  Or it isn’t.  Look, what do you want from me?  Are we hoping that winning the last four games will be enough momentum to ride all the way to the end?

Well, if the Phils are out to prove that they can flip themselves on at will, they’ve done it.  So let’s stay away from trying to prove something other than that We’re Awesome.

"“It’s nice to win 100 games but ultimately, when the postseason starts, that all goes out the door.”–Shane Victorino"

Yeah, or we could all just use our common sense and ruin everything by making good points.