Phillies Mural to Include Fans’ Opinion of Something


Everybody’s talking about this mural.  Personally I think its a bit much.  A neatly-made power point presentation would have been nice enough, frankly.

Here’s the list of players that I stole from The 700 Level who got it via Marketwatch.

"The images featured in The Phillies Mural include (listed in order of appearance, from top left to right): Brad Lidge, Charlie Manuel, Mitch Williams, Cole Hamels, Grover Cleveland Alexander, Larry Bowa, Darren Daulton, Dallas Green, Tug McGraw, Ed Delahanty, Mike Schmidt, Ryan Howard, Chuck Klein, Tony Taylor, Dick Allen, Shibe Park, Jim Bunning, Veterans Stadium, Roy Halladay, Citizens Bank Park, Robin Roberts, Harry Kalas, Richie Ashburn, Steve Carlton, Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, and the Phillie Phanatic.In addition, The Phillies Mural includes space for one more player – to be chosen by fans via online voting on Details on the final player vote will be forthcoming in the upcoming weeks."

So that leaves one spot to be filled by us, the fans, which is always a good idea.  The Phillies always make sure to include us, which is nice, and we always seem to find a way to bring our unique style of fuck-ass classlessness along with us.

No, that’s never been less true than this year.  Its nice just to be invited to participate, is all.

Logic dictates that that final spot will go to Cliff Lee, rightfully so.  If Cliff is ready to take our relationship to the next level, then all signs point to painting him on the side of a building overfacing the Schuylkill Expressway.  I feel like we’re ready for that.

But what are some other options?

  • Kevin Millwood throwing that random no-hitter everybody tuned in for at like the 7th inning.  Then it ended and everyone was like “Wow, that was fucking great.  We’re still terrible, though.  Damn.”
  • Matt Rizzotti doing something.  Anything. We owe him.  (h/t @DashTreyhorn)
  • Danny Tartabull’s legendary at-bat as a Phillie
  • Richie Ashburn verbally abusing Chris Wheeler
  • Gregg Jefferies sobbing into his hands as Todd Zeille is traded to the Orioles
  • Bill Conlin hammering out a needlessly bitter column on a typewriter, claiming to have once driven a dump truck cross country with Audrey Hepburn and the guy who played Clemenza in The Godfather in an article that had started as analysis of Jimmy Rollins’ contract year.

So you see?  We have too many memories to decide on just one!  But we have to.  So let’s not screw this up, okay?

Oh god.  We’re totally going to.  Let’s just give up now.