IronPigs Make Bacon Much Harder to Bring Home


Tied 1-1 in a best of three series, Ryne Sandberg put the hopes of the ‘Pigs in the hands of Dave Bush.  He gave up two runs in five innings of doing stuff, which would have been fine, had it not been for the four additional runs the Columbus Crapballs scored after Bush had left the game.

It would be very easy to blame the IronPigs for striking out 15 times in this one, but it feels so much better to simply accuse Columbus of some horrific transgression instead.  Joe Martinez, the opposing pitcher who probably cheated his way through seven innings of work, allowed three hits and one run.  The run was on a sac fly to right that almost didn’t score Freddy Galvis, whose slide into home was a work of beauty.

Another thing to blame on the ‘Pigs side of things is the ninth inning, which was so comically inept that its hard to believe it happened in a post season game.  Juan Perez, he of the Immaculate Inning, gave up a double, then settled down and walked two straight batters.

Sandberg tried to quarantine the shitkickery by taking Perez out of the game and sealing him in an airtight chamber, but it was too late.  Chance Chapman entered the game and through enough balls to walk three Columbusians in a row, which is a terrible way to start a rally in the bottom of the ninth.

Fortunately, Mike Zagurksi came in after that and fixed anything by getting an out.  Then the rest of the game happened and suddenly it was over and the IronPigs had lost 6-2.

So now, with their backs against the wall, the ‘Pigs will be forced to come up with a new collection of pig puns that indicate desperation in times of need.  Tonight, Ryan Edell takes the mound in Allentown.

My advice?  Cut back on the bases loaded walks.  Those seem to lead to runs.