Phillies Finally Get Attention of Baseball-Themed Doo-Wop Group


Whose got 99 cents?!  Yeah me neither.  I heard jangling in my pockets this morning but it was just some paper clips and my unicorn lighter.

Besides, whenever I try to buy music on Amazon, my computer acts like I’m not putting coins in the disk drive correctly.  Which… there isn’t much to it, so I don’t know what I’m wrong.  But maybe if your computer’s coin slot is working, you can buy Danny and the Juniors’ song “Baseball’s Four Aces.”  You’ll never guess which professional baseball team it is about.

It may have taken a doo-wop group seven decades to finally write a song about the Phillies rotation, but whatever.  We all reacted to the Cliff Lee signing in different ways.  I’m sure we can all remember my “screaming on the beach at night” thing that was in all the papers.  As a doo-wop group, Danny and the Juniors decided to embrace what was already there and write a doo-wop song.  When played in tandem with Guerilladelphia’s “Unstoppable,” there is a smooth ’50s sound that jives with the urban beats and creates a mixture of noise the world have never seen.  And probably shouldn’t.

Of course, with bold lyrics like “We’ve got four aces and we’re World Series-bound,” we could be in store for the Legendary 2011 Curse of the Overzealous Doo-Wop Group.  Which is a scenario I didn’t consider until just this moment, but now I think is completely inevitable.