Trevor May Reminds Phillies that Farm System Still Exists


While most of the world has decided the Phillies’ minor league affiliates are desolate wastelands, despite the Triple and Double-A teams recently clinching playoff berth, players such as Trevor May prove that there are, in fact, still living people wearing uniforms down there.

 After three confirmations that he was not currently on the Houston Astros roster, Trevor was honored with the title of “Best Pitcher on the Planet Who is in the Phillies Farm System for 2011,” also known as the Paul Owens Award.

Many credit the promising young pitcher’s progress to the development of meticulously corner-painting fastballs and a change-up capable of causing irreversible spinal damage.  With 208 strikeouts in 151.1 innings, Trevor had the third most K’s in all of the minors, with seven double digit strikeout games.  This is encouraging news for an organization desperate for high intensity, lights out starting pitching.

The attention to his youthful skill, along with those of shortstop Freddy Galvis, could not have come at a better time, as our extremely old and decrepit players crumble into dust before out very eyes.

His utter digust with walking people invokes images of Cliff Lee.

"“It’s almost comical to me. I cut (walks) in half, and they are still too high for own taste.”–Trevor May"

His high level of skills is sure to keep him in trade talks and jokes about Ruben Amaro trading all of our prospects for years to come, until that exact thing actually happens for real.