Philadelphia to Finally Do Art Project I’ve Been Pitching Since Third Grade


“What color would you like your room painted?!” My dad asked, clapping his hands.

“I want a mural of the detailed history of the Phillies!” Nine-year-old me shouted through a cardboard Phanatic head.

“Well, we already painted it white,” he replied, opening the door to my room.  I had wondered why they didn’t let me in there for a few days.  No I hadn’t.  They turned on the Nintendo and I wasn’t even aware of the living room I was sitting in.  So until now I hadn’t even realized that much time had passed.

Fortunately, the city of Philadelphia has come to it’s senses, finally, and agreed to allow artist from the Mural Arts Program David McShane to do what he never did or was asked to do in my bedroom just before my tenth birthday:  Design a massive Phillies mural to be put on display in Center City.

The Phillies’ collective history is rich with characters, deeply alcoholic fans, frequent depression, and one or two bright spots between nightmarish plummets into darkness.  What better theme could there be for a massive art project?  When vibrantly portrayed on 3750 square feet facing the Schuylkyll River and Expressway and extending eight stories into the sky, Philadelphians will be constantly reminded that the current Golden Era of success stands at the end of decade after decade of utter horse shot, spotted with Mike Schmidts and Richie Ashburns and Kevin Millwood No-Hitters and Harry the Ks and such.

"“This mural will serve as a lasting tribute to our passionate and supportive fans.”–David Montgomery"

You know, it’s about time we get recognition for something that wasn’t a crime against humanity.