Ryan Howard Playing Well Despite Thing in His Achilles


You probably saw Ryan Howard galloping about the base paths with the blazing speed of a horse who just saw his owner shake hands with the President of the Glue Factory.   The villain behind this is known as “bursitis,” that problem Ryan had in his heel that nobody really cared about.  Well, now we can see it, and that makes it real.  

If the Phillies want pull a curtain in front of their aging, then good, denial can continue and we’ll all be a lot fake-happier.  But it they’re going to allow it to happen in front of us, then perhaps maybe it is time to address the situation.

"Bursitis is commonly caused by:Overuse and repeated movements. These can include daily activities such as using tools, gardening, cooking, cleaning, and typing at a keyboard.Long periods of pressure on an area. For example, carpet layers, roofers, or gardeners who work on their knees all day can develop bursitis over the kneecap.Aging, which can cause the bursa to break down over time.–WebMD"

According to WedMD, the world’s leading source of convincing you that you have cancer, Ryan’s bursae sacks are exploding because he is an old man.  Bursa sacks are, of course, the pouches of fluid that swell during bursitis.  I’m sure I didn’t have to say that, as the IQ level required for reading this blog dictates that you knew that already.

Ryan says the condition is temporary, and Charlie Manuel shockingly admitted that he may even rest his first baseman for a game or two.

The CSN Philly story reporting this information kept straying into “Yeah, But How Awesome is Ryan Howard in September?!” territory, leading me to believe that Ruben has already infiltrated the press and his propaganda machine is already at work, churning out the “news” he wants us to read.  And we shall read it, for it is the news we wanted to red anyway.  I mean, yes, nobody likes to see Ryan slowed by anything by a seductive sandwich truck, but… HOME RUNS.