Ruben Amaro Not at All Weird and Ambiguous About Chuck LaMar’s Resignation


“After some discussion, it seemed like for Chuck it would be the best situation to go ahead and resign.”

And those were the most words in a row that Ruben was willing to share about the departure of Phillies Assistant GM Chuck LaMar, a guy I assumed greatly enjoyed taking sinister orders via text message.  But apparently the weight of bearing the darkness of Ruben Amaro’s assigned tasks was too much for Chuck, and he has removed himself from the premises and has not been heard from since.

One theory floating around is that Chuck, former GM for the Tampa Bay Rays who constructed most of their 2008 AL champion roster, infiltrated our organization in revenge for losing the World Series.  His resignation was clearly sparked by the discovery of his plan by Ruben, who may or may not have known about it the whole time and allowed it to continue just to watch Chuck squirm upon revealing his awareness of the plan.

Ruben’s totally out-of-character flippant mysteriousness in response to any other questions about the incident seem to indicate it is just another piece of information he wants us to know, but does not want to elaborate on despite there clearly being questions raised.

"“You’ll have to ask Chuck.”“That’s a question you’ll have to ask Chuck.”“That’s a speculative question.”"

So really, we should thank Ruben for allowing us to be this far in the loop and then back away slowly before he somehow forces us to resign, too, and is never forced to explain himself.

Though if there was some toxicity in the Phillies’ front office, that probably explains the shitty weather of late.