Aaron Rowand Once Again the Center of Unfortunate Signing Rumor


"“Heeeehhhhhrrrrrrrmmmmmm.  Guh.”–My Reaction to This News"

Welp, we’re talking Aaron-Rowand-to-the-Phils again, and that means all manner of displeased sounds coming out of people.  

We can talk about the belovedness Rowand had while here from that time he destroyed his body to make a catch.  We can talk about how well he gelled in our locker room; how, like Jim Thome, he helped bring about the current era of Phillies baseball despite not getting to be here for the best parts of it.

The truth is, though, that Rowand just isn’t very good at baseball anymore.  I’m sure a spritely demeanor has some value in the clubhouse.  Would the Phillies be this successful if Jimmy Rollins weren’t habitually sprinkling pixie dust all over the locker room before anyone else gets there?  Of course not.  But he is also competent while playing, whereas Rowand has often not been allowed onto the field, whether from lack of skill or lack of correctly aligned body parts.

Of course, in acquiring him, the Phillies would be a part of the Giants “eating” or “swallowing” Rowand’s $14 million deal, which could be very funny.  Who has to eat it?  Brian Sabean?   Brian Wilson?  Either way, I’m sure it won’t taste good, even though Wilson would turn it into a media event and where a lobster suit.  Baseball players sure can be wacky!

Besides, we have a source of face breakage at the moment whose contributions are far less literal and much more long term.