Ruben Amaro Jumps to Defend Dom Brown from All You Awful People


As we all are painfully aware, the best place to find introspective Phillies analysis is the comment section on  Real sports fans concentrate so hard on what’s best for their team, they don’t have the time to spell/use words correctly or not be racist and homophobic.  And really, why didn’t the Phillies just trade Raul Ibanez, Danys Baez, and Kyle Kendrick for some other team’s All-Star?  It’s a win-win; we get another good player and some other team gets all of our bad players.  How is that not being done as I type this?  Ridiculous.

These comment sections are where our greatest notions spawn, such as “Hurry up and trade Dom Brown for anything!”

Well, these people have never been proven more correct than now, as Dom continues his soundless rampage below the Mendoza line, now hitting .191 in 21 games with Triple-A Lehigh Valley.  Don’t give us that crap about “sample size” or “high ceiling.”  If they guy could hit, he’d hit be hitting home runs every other at bat like a normal highly-touted prospect.  Now what is he?  Just a guy with a bat.  I could have the same effect on the game by standing on Coca-Cola Park with a souvenir mini bat from the gift shop.

But that’s why Ruben Amaro stepped to scatter the cockroaches.

"“It’s an adjustment. Not only getting sent down, which is a blow to the ego. I’ve been through it. It’s not the easiest thing in the world… it’s an adjustment period for him.”–Ruben Amaro on Dom Brown"

“Adjustment period?!”  Now Amaro has to make up terms to excuse his not trading of the worst Phillies player ever?!  I’m furious about this.  To the internet!

Wait.  We’re already on the internet.  I forgot I wasn’t just penning another entry for my rage-diary.

Well, good.  Then my opinion is out there and ready to be valued for it’s insightfulness already.