Series 6-Pack: “I told you nobody was paying attention.”


The last time we played the Padres, I was sitting comfortably on a couch in North Carolina, watching the Phillies play slightly better offense than offenseless San Diego.  These days, nothing has changed, except that the Phillies now want to trade for every player on the Padres’ roster.  Ernie Padaon of Chicken Friars was kind enough to shed some light on any other differences and also said I can crash with him if I’m ever in SD, so we’re cool.

1.  ZOMG Hugh Jackman just announced at San Diego Comic-Con that the villain in Wolverine 2 will be Silver Samurai!  Will anyone be paying attention to the Padres with this news hitting the populace?

We stopped paying attention just before the All-Star Break. The Friar Faithful are the only ones sticking around, but that just leaves about 7 of us. The rest of us are out at the beaches getting a nice tan and surfing.

They will be back on the bandwagon at the start of next season when we are tied with everyone again.

2.  Obviously you’ve heard the whispers of the trade deadline demons, and they’ve mostly had to do with the Phillies walking away with some/all of your players.  Who out of Heath Bell, Mike Adams, and/or Ryan Ludwick would you most enjoy seeing leave the Padres?  Also, who is Mike Adams and is there anything genuine about the Padres claims of loyaltyto him?

I would love to see Ryan Ludwick sent off. He is nothing special, but he is a good piece to have for a championship club. He struggles on our team without any support around him. Mike Adams is a STUD and a lot of people around here think that he is better than Heath Bell. The Padres owner says that Adams is not going anywhere, but our GM just went on the radio show yesterday and said he has not heard this. We hope he stays here in San Diego, but he might be able to bring us some good prospects if he is out.

3.  Chris Erskine recently wrote in the L.A. Times, “After all these years, I still get a charge when I first spot the San Diego Chicken — that same visceral reaction you get when you see a very pregnant woman walking down the sidewalk — her innie now an outtie.”  

I’ll frame this as delicately as I can:  What in the fuck is he talking about?  Why was this written?

It goes right up there with Jerry Jones thoughts on how close the lockout was to ending by saying, “We’re down to circumsizing mosquitoes”

4.  What is this.  What’s happening.

That is just our bullpen having some fun in the bullpen. I guess it was hot and they wanted to be out in comic con too. I told you nobody is paying attention.

5.  Padres fans are currently debating whether or not to toss their 74-year-old announcer to the curb for sounding too excited when the Dodgers or Giants are in town.  What’s your take on the guy?  Does he suck?  As a fanbase who is frequently irritated by our own TV broadcast team, we often wish ditching announcers was a simple as a Facebook poll.

Dick Enberg gets a lot of crap from the fans out here. I honestly just don’t listen to him and listen to the radio broadcast. He constantly butchers names and seems that he has a favorite player on every opposing team. We also loved Matty Vasgersian down in these parts when he was the lead guy just a few years ago.

6.  Do you live in San Diego?  Can I crash on your couch if I come out there?  Let me know.

If you are coming to town, give me a buzz and I will save you a spot! We will have a blast out here!