Pirates Think They Are So Great, Steal Jason Grilli


This is from a thread on The Good Phight, where people go to have intelligent, provocative conversations about Phillies baseball on the internet.  Which is why it’s like one of only two sites I don’t write for.  But you’ll notice that the comment insinuates… or I guess blatantly assumes… that the Pirates are a playoff team.

There were two direct replies to this comment.  Neither mentioned the fact that the Buccos had been included in the playoff talk.

It’s a different kind of year for the Pirates, in that they are no longer just a bunch of guys in matching clothes standing around on some dirt, waiting for death.

Which is great, mind you.  If you’ve ever driven across this state then you’re well aware there is room for two baseball teams.  Is there room for two good baseball teams?  Yes.  Trust me.  There is like a billion miles of forest between us and them filled with deranged bears and corrupt park rangers and the haunting bellow of the ruffed grouse.

But now the Pirates are moving across the badlands, prepared to wage an all-out war on Philadelphia.  And they’ve started by stealing members of our minor league system.

“Stealing” may be a bit harsh/incorrect, but they certainly would have gone out of their way to be even more despicable had we not released Jason Grilli on July 20.  But he had been on the market for 20 minutes before Pittsburgh was clawing at his door.  Delighted that a team in the hunt for first place was so eager to grab him, Grilli signed on with the franchise that is right on its way to becoming the Yankees of the NL.

The reaction from Pirates fans was sickeningly overzealous.