Check Out Some Guy the Phillies Signed


In 1994, baseball was stopping, and I , as a kindergartener, didn’t understand why.  But it didn’t matter!  The Northwoods League was just getting started, giving the nation a new outlet for hot young baseball talent to take the place of those greedy millionaires.

No, of course that didn’t happen.  I heard baseball was canceled and I trundled off to my room to go bury myself in LEGO.  And also no one cared about the Northwoods League.  Nobody knew what that was.  They were all too busy watching with their jaws on the floor as Russia withdrew from Estonia.  Sometimes its not just a baseball blog.  Sometimes we throw in little historical references too.

But today, the Northwoods League, a collegiate summer league that plays a 70 game season, is in everybody’s faces making shit happen.  Why, the Northwoods League has brought us many of our favorite Major League Baseball players, including:

  • Jordan Zimmerman
  • Others

Even as we speak, one of its teams–the Eau Claire Express–is infiltrating the Philadelphia Phillies farm system in the form of Nolan Clark.  He’s a catcher.  He hit .333 in the first half of this year.  He isn’t the rugby player you’re probably confusing him with.

Meanwhile, the Express are left to crumble without their best offensive player.  That’s what baseball is, though.  Different teams disemboweling each other to feed their own needs and desires.  America’s past time!