Kyle Kendrick Enjoys Rare Wave of Complimentary News Items


Given the uncommon valor shown in Kyle Kendrick’s start yesterday, regional media outlets took the opportunity to sit us down and tell us The Kyle Kendrick Khronicles.  Seeing as that none of us started the day with the highest opinion of KK, it was a pleasant surprise to see him succeed, or at least, not be killed.

And after the victory, the press saw a chance to whip out those Kyle Kendrick kompliments (and even a Kendrick/Halladay comparison or two) that they’ve been saving up just in case of Opposite Day actually happening.  As The Kyle Kendrick Khronicles kontinue, let us thank the press for making us aware that Kyle was watching football on his couch when he found out Cliff Lee had been reacquired; that he is pretty okay; and that are currently demons living inside of him.

"“In the opener, Kyle Kendrick pitched more like Halladay usually does…”–Associated Press“He may not be Halladay, Lee, Hamels or Oswalt, but when he pitches like he did Wednesday, being Kyle Kendrick is good enough.”–Press of Atlantic City“Phillies fans should know by now that the Kyle Kendricks of the world aren’t so bad, either.”–“Whatever demons may be hiding in the depths of his 6-foot-3, 211-pound frame, Kendrick is doing everything he can to put it aside when he pitches.”–FOX 43“It was smart pitching, a label that, fair or not, is rarely applied to Kendrick, who toils in the shadows of his more accomplished colleagues…”–David Hale“Kyle Kendrick has already outpitched Roy Halladay today.”–Ryan Lawrence“We’re not all Roy Halladays, Cliff Lees, Cole Hamels and Roy Oswalts.  You’ve just got to keep working.”–Kyle Kendrick"

And in aw-geeze-look-away-its-a-sad-old-man news,

"“Nobody feels worse than I do.”–Edwin Rodriguez"