Chase Utley Sacrifices Valuable Rehab Time for Adorable Animals


Chase and Jen Utley held their PSPCA casino night at the Electric Factory and judging by the video footage, it was a complete disaster.

At no point during the evening did Chase take a single break to field some grounders on one knee or hit the cages or a couple hundred pitches or six.  None of the money raised that evening went toward finding an immediate cure for chondromalacia.  And from what I can tell, Chase was standing on his legs for most of the evening.

Chase’s condition appears to be grotesque enough that Sam Perlozzo can’t even have it without fading into a traumatic state of paralysis:

"“One day you think he’s close,” Perlozzo said, his voice trailing off. He did not complete the sentence.—Philly Inquirer"

I mean, Michael Vick didn’t get the Madden cover.  Haven’t animals won enough times this year?  Meanwhile, those puppies and kittens watched Phillies players and media-types lose money for their sake.  They were probably sitting there, yukking it up with adorable chuckles as these wealthy, beloved human beings spent dollar after dollar on their recovery, while a perfectly crippled human in need of aid ran the show.

“Are you actually hoping to lose tonight, in order to benefit the charity?” a reporter asked Roy Halladay, who immediately exploded his head for insinuating that Roy Halladay would ever lose–let alone intentionally, like some kind of lowlife cheater.

Sure, we can find hope in Jayson Stark’s words.

"“There is no doubt in my mind, that Chase Utley will be back some time this month.”"

But what good is it going to do if Chase is going to let some sinister baby animals run his life?  He could be days away from a return and get pulverized by a cement truck while trying to save a feral cat stuck on a highway median.