Ryan Madson Lends Name to Weird Spray Product


When he isn’t busy being passed over as the Phillies closer, Phillies closer Ryan Madson is updating the fuck out of his house with sustainable practices, according to an article on world famous SprayFoam.com.

The article describes how wildly enthusiastic Ryan is to fill his home with SprayFoam, then goes on to identify a stock photo of some baseball equipment as “Ryan Madson of the Philadelphia Phillies.”

Spray Foam mentions how the housing industry is still out of control terrible due to the recession, but somehow people–in this case, athlete making millions of dollars–are able to afford these environmentally conscious changes to their homes.

“It reduces your carbon footprint. Everybody can lower their carbon footprint. And forget about the carbon footprint for a second – it saves you money,” Ryan apparently said; putting an idea in your head and then demanding that your forget about it a split second later.

The foam’s roll in all of this is to be soybean-based and provide insulation or something to Ryan’s house.  I don’t know.  I don’t really “get” how houses work.

How he got the clearance from his wife to fill their marital home with clouds of bean-juice is beyond me.  If she can’t stand it when people approach her husband to lavish him with compliments, I can only imagine her reaction to Ryan coming home with a wheelbarrow full of aerosol cans and a crazy twitch in his eye, promising that he’s discovered how to save the world.