Ruben Amaro Provides Us with Further No Utley News


"“I am hopeful.  I don’t know if it’s going to happen, but I’m hopeful. I can only hope.”—Ruben Amaro"

Ruben Amaro is full of hope, putting to bed our previous theory that he hates Chase Utley and wants him to die.

Even though he could very well be disabled for 60 days, Chase Utley will not be put on the 60-day disabled list.  Why?  Because he’s not injured, of course.  DL time and operations are for people with things that are wrong with them, not perfect versions of the human mold who are choosing not to play baseball at the moment for reasons that are not injuries.

We the people seem to assume our insinuations and suggestions alone will move Chase’s progress along.  The headlines appear before even the actual news, which is sheer craziness.  I mean, what is this?  The Bush administration?  Ha, ha!  Let’s hear it for timeless political humor!

But seriously, is he even running right now?  We reported he was like four times before he actually was.  Now we’re bringing up the phrase “rehab assignment” for the first time and Ruben’s just shaking his head and talking about “hope.”  I mean, what is this?  The Obama administration?

So how many times do we have to cram “rehab assignment” down the right people’s throat before they’ll barf it back out on us?  Then maybe we’ll have some damn news for once.  If the people being interviewed about things would just say what we want them to say, there wouldn’t be any problems.

But now we have to keep moving this process along ourselves, and everyone’s just getting more and more confused.  I mean, what is this?  The Trump administration?

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