Chase Utley is Getting Better Seriously This Time


Or… is he… ?

No.  So, once again, I’ve been tricked by a headline; but I already clicked the “new post” button so let’s see where this takes us.

Not that I’m downplaying the injury.  I played frisbee yesterday and am now debating when will be the best time to tell my family I’ll never walk again.  So I know a little something about injuries.

But they pretty much just flash a  picture of Chase on TV these days with the headline “making progress” and it counts as news.  And I don’t mean that in a mocking way, because technically it is, and obviously we want to be made aware of every morsel of progress he makes, but each time they say it like “this is the time,” as if we can unlock the hopes we’ve been squirreling away in the hope chest (because that’s what its for).

Apparently somebody saw Chase do some “light running,” setting off a wave of controversy.  Sorry; I mean, a wave of light running.  What is it?  What does it mean?  Is he better right now?  Why not?  Didn’t that visit to the mysterious wizard do some good?  Can we get a witch doctor with proven powers to touch him?  Has he tried a cleansing purge?  Does he want to play frisbee with me when he gets better?

No matter.   Chase’s progress was actually visible this time; and not only that, but there was good news!

"“The news on Howard was encouraging, too.”"

Ha ha, yeah!  Wait what.

Were we supposed to be concerned about Ryan?  I haven’t… I wasn’t even… shit.  I watched him take that pitch and I assumed because he clapped that he was okay.  That’s the universal sign for “Nobody worry about this.”  That’s why people clap right after minor car accidents.

So now I have the prolonged worry of Chase combined with the minor firecracker of dread that just exploded in my mind after reading that sentence.  Great.

Well, this wasn’t supposed to be about me, but like about 97% of the posts on this blog, it is now.  Let us close with the assurance that the next time Chase stands up and does something new, we’ll be made ridiculously aware of it.