Robin Roberts’ Awesome Belongings to be Purchased by Rich People


Cliff Lee gave up a bunch of runs last night, and I know you think that means I went out and took my traditional “swing at a cop,” but things were far less emotional than that, because I was unconscious.  So take that, your presumptuous suspicions!

When I climbed out of my sad-hole/blanket fort, I stumbled upon a fairly intriguing nugget of information:  Not only are the sons of Robin Roberts unable to determine the best way to share their father’s estate, but they plan on letting us have it!  Unfortunately, they will be asking for money in return for most of the highly valued memorabilia, removing myself and most of the people I know from contention of ownership.

Some reports are more detailed than others, but the gist of the story is thus:  Robin Roberts, one of those guys who was so good in a Phillies uniform they refuse to let anyone else where his number, passed away, leaving behind a World Series ring, a baseball signed by Babe Ruth, a Michigan State University trophy, and a collection of baseballs doodled on by Del Wilbur.   Some of the items, such as the WS ring and the Babe Ruth ball, have already been resigned to a fate inside of a safety deposit box or an massively disproportionate dog stomach

As My Fox Philly elegantly puts it with all of the respect and reverence of a flagged craigslist ad,

"“The Phillies are red hot and so it their merchandise!  Some of it can be yours if the price is right!”"

There’s no time to bring out the puns like the heartbreaking sale of a father’s family heirlooms.

Other outlets, such as auction website and Roberts’ son, Robin Jr., are able to convey information without relying on exclamation points and typos, and in doing so the sale will take place online, ending at 5pm on April 11; the live version begins the following day at 6pm in the Diamond Club at Citizens Bank Park.  I would recomend the because how else will you be able to rub your brand new hundred or thousands of dollar purchase in the face of your upper class elite friends before heading on down to McFadden’s to buy the most expensive bottle of liquor they have, then using it to set your car on fire and dance around it in celebration.

Being rich must be so much fun.