Heartbreaking Cuts Makes Second Pass of Phillies Roster


Further dreams were shattered at the Phillies training camp this week, as the hand of death passed over several more names; finally creating a situation that Jeff Larish couldn’t home run his way out of.

  • LHP Dan Meyer
  • RHP Michael Stutes
  • IF Freddy Galvis
  • C Jeff Larish
  • OF Brandon Moss
  • LHP Juan Perez
  • RHP Vance Worley

If you were watching the Kendrick-Worley race to see who gets the long relief job, because after Dom Brown hurt his hand you really had to reach to find an intense positional race in the Phillies training camp, then congratulations.  Your sleepless nights and drug-induced days are over, as are Vance Worley’s at Clearwater.

The Phillies obviously do not see the feel-good story that I drew their attention to the other day about Michael Stutes, as they wasted no time in removing him the premesis almost immediately after the publishing my blog post.  Are the two related?  Yes.  I just told you they were.  And while the Phillies may refuse to admit to/comment on the subject, I can guarantee you that for some inexplicable reason they have blown up my spot.

Brandon Moss I may have exaggerated the abilities of just a tad in order to mercilessly taunt someone.

Most of the second base substitutes are still hanging around the clubhouse, so Freddy Galvis, whose glove is bigger than his bat, was probably removed in order to work on that stereotype that follows him around to every blog post he’s ever appeared in.  Here’s one I wrote about him once that I filled with a ton of pictures, which does not at all mean that the writing lacks substance.

Did the Phillies purposely schedule their cuts the day after drinking heavily and loudly in public is socially acceptable?  Sure, probably.