A Quick Update on Unpopular Phillies


Delwyn Young came to us with rave reviews from every team he’s played for.  What they were raving about is how flawed of a baseball player he is.  That said, as a guy without a solidified place on the squad, he still feels as though he is in a place to make demands.

Let’s hear him out, shall we.

Like a superhero ready to retire, Delwyn is sick of flying around the diamond, and just wants a position to call his own.

"“Sometimes it’s not that good to be good at everything.”"

You know, I agree. But maybe we should find someone who is good at everything and ask them.

Regardless, the role of a utilityplayer is that of a pocket knife.  You forget you have it, and then you find it in your sock drawer, and you’re “Oh yeah, I was going to start being more outdoorsy.  What happened?”  Then you try to get some use out of it and the next thing you know there’s blood all over your driveway and you’re like, “Screw it, I’m going inside and writing another blog about Jeff Francoeur.”

I don’t envy Delwyn, having to come from a guaranteed spot on the Pirates roster to fighting for his life amidst other Phillies wanna-bes.  I also don’t envy him because he is short.

Delwyn’s future continues floating somewhere in limbo, but Charlie Manuel has stated that his plans for Delwyn include “continuing to look at” him.

Nothing says “Fuck this,” like changing positions, especially from pitcher to anything else.  Being bad at pitching made Joe Savery wonder if he would ever get past the minors, so, as this article tells us, he went to the Phillies to confirm that yes, they have no plans of letting him anywhere near Citizens Bank Park.


"“I’m a lot of things, but I like to think I’m not an idiot.”"

Joe is about to be a new thing–its not a pitcher, and its probably not an idiot.  He’s pulling a “Rick Ankiel Special,” making the jump from “minor league pitcher” to “a first baseman, maybe.”  It’s just about how many at-bats they can get him, and as Chuck Lamar reminds us in so many words, “Seriously?  We’ve got bigger problems.”

There.  Did we take your mind off Domonic and Chase for the time being?  Great.  I hope you enjoyed your 90 seconds of stress-free Monday.